The four regular WYC live zoom classes: Sunday Led Ashtanga (9-10:30am) Monday Yin Yoga (7:30-8-30pm), Wednesday BAMN! Yoga (9:30-10:10am and 7:30-8:10pm), Saturday BAMN! Yoga (8:30-9:30am). 

All you have to do is email Scott scottyoga@sbcglobal.net to get regular invites to the classes. And the cool thing for students interested in teacher-level practice is that our class schedule itself is educational. If you come and practice with us you’ll learn more about yoga than most people ever do in formal teacher training.


Even if you have never done a Sequenced Ashtanga class before, you are welcome to attend ours, especially the one on Sunday at 9:00. It is what’s called “led Ashtanga” because everyone in class is guided through the Ashtanga sequence together. With Ashtanga, you can develop an independent home practice that is as high level as hatha yoga gets. It’s what allowed Scott to come up with a new style of practice. It took 30 years, but yogically speaking, that’s what it takes for a person to know enough about yoga to come up with a new way of practicing that isn’t bullshit. Gradually, we learn to stick with your experience of what we call “energetic pleasure.” Notice what feels-good and let that feeling spread and affect you. The rest will follow, and the old adage about taking serious things lightly applies to the WYC way of doing Ashtanga. Have fun with it, and while the pose work is happening, also be involved in the humorous teacher-level yogic discourse.

You learn this style of hatha yoga’s set sequences (what’s called “The Primary Series) over time. Or maybe you agree with us that now is the time to get the yoga while the getting is good. If so, come to BAMN! It can sensitize you in relation to a full and whole experience of your life-force. Everything we do should relate to that idea. We use standing poses combined with intense breathing techniques to get hits Samadhi.

So please respect the fact that as loose, and fun-loving as WYC’s session structures are, yoga creates a positive vulnerability. Feelings run deep, and they can run very very deep in BAMN! If that works for you, great. If not, that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you or your practice.

At the end of every class, take a long final resting pose (Savasana) so the energetic effects of practice can settle deeply.

The real danger is “spiritual bypassing.” You get so high you neglect the emotional development needed to handle the high and recognize the truer and higher states of consciousness that come in relation to transpersonal unifications. So don’t bullshit yourself. Get high, let that help us confound the low consciousness energy we are all being subjected to non-stop now, and recognize that what we are doing is a kind of desperate measures for desperate times kind of thing.

THE GOOD NEWS ABOUT YIN YOGA is that it has no baggage. The man who popularized it, Paul Grilley, is upstanding in every way, and Scott is still proud to refer to him as his teacher. Paul changed the yoga world for the better and none of its problems are his fault. Thanks to him, we have a deep and abiding love of the yin side of yoga practice. Not everyone needs to do yang yoga, but everyone needs to stretch and relax. Come on Monday night and see how teacher-level practice works in relation to Yin Yoga.

AND THEN THERE’S SATURDAY and WED MORNING classes. Granted, it’s a trip. Scott doesn’t just teach his BAMN class in a regular yoga world way. He combines every yoga trick in the book to go where hatha yoga has never gone before. It’s new; it’s for what we are dealing with now; it’s experimental; and, it’s beyond description!