William Broad Discusses the Science of Yoga on the Colbert Show 2

When I listen to William Broad describe his own yoga practice, and what he says it’s done for him, I find it interesting to consider that he was the author (though not the subject) of the New York Times Magazine article that caused so much controversy a few weeks ago.

More about the book here: The Science of Yoga: The Risks and the Rewards.

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2 thoughts on “William Broad Discusses the Science of Yoga on the Colbert Show

  • Scott Miller Post author

    The media savvy of Broad is really in evidence here. He and his publicist knew full well that Colbert would have those quotes to hit. “Yoga comes from a sex-cult.” Broad hears the quote and acts as if he would prefer to talk science. Colbert humorously questions him for not leading with that and the point about 2 hr orgasms. But leading with it wouldn’t work. It only works because it seems to be buried on page 212. Is it buried now? It’s the perfect con. Supposed scientists begrudgingly admitting to some unprovable media-friendly sensationalistic old news. This all played out the same way a century ago. Read “The Great Om.” What’s sad is that Broad might actually prefer to talk science. But that doesn’t sell books. So his books contain these things he knows will light up on blogs like this. “2 hour orgasm.” Even Sting was ashamed of something similar that he said because he knew the play involved. It works perfectly for Broad. He quotes Black saying something crazy and is just the reporter. He’s innocent. He writes a mostly thoughtful book, but also plays the right game to get over–the things that get him interviewed by Colbert and then acts surprised. He’s not surprised. He may be secretly ashamed of the fear-mongering and sleaze-mongering, but he’s playing the game. He should just sell t-shirts that read, “Real yoga started in a sex cult.” I hope we move on from this quickly.