What We Believe…

Most yoga communities refrain from getting directly involved in political issues. In fact, it’s been an intentional part of the financial quest for an all-inclusive community. Often our other identities are left at the door as we step into the yoga world to practice the physical aspects of yoga, ignoring or undervaluing the core beliefs inherent in a push toward spiritual freedom. In response to the recent increase in cultural conservatism, WYC has evolved a conscious practice that engages the values embedded in core yoga philosophy. How can we stand by and remain true to ideals such as compassion, integrity, and non-violence if we encourage silence in our community?

The answer is that we cannot. As the current political climate has grown hostile to women, immigrants, minorities, and several other groups, WYC offers a cohesive community that accepts and supports action against injustice. Our support ranges from conversation to creating political events to mobilize our local community. We are open to collaboration with other organizations that espouse similar values. Some of the organizations that we support include:

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We understand that this approach to a yoga community may lose potential students. In fact, we know it will. However, these are issues we feel strongly about and must act in a way that represents our belief and we encourage you to as well.