The history of yoga in a flow chart 4

“An Overly Brief and Incomplete History of Yoga” by Alison Hinks.
(Click the image, and get ready to scroll – full-size chart is ca. 3400×3400 pixels –
available as a poster here).

Found the above via @yogoer on twitter.  Expert opinions, anyone?

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4 thoughts on “The history of yoga in a flow chart

  • Scott Miller

    Funny to see someone I dated once listed below a saint and not that far below. This schematic is too flawed to even begin critiquing, but I’m glad you posted it. Maybe I’ll draw one out myself and send it to you. Then you might create all the nice bubbles? Oh, and going against what I just wrote, if I were going to critique it I would start with the obvious question about how Krishnamacharya and his peeps end up on the opposite side of Hatha Yoga? And how does Buddhism start so early and how is it on the other side of the Naths, who include Milarepa–a well-known early Buddhist? Doesn’t make any sense.

      • Scott Miller

        That part is okay on a factual level, but creeps me out a bit. Lionizing the yoga celebrities is dicey stuff. Lots of unknown yogis have had a hand in recent yoga evolution. I think we should come up with a better one. I’ve written out lots of them for teacher training and the history is embedded in What Is(n’t) Hatha Yoga. So we can combine that with your computer skills if you’re up for it.