Special Events

  Yoga Music Concert!

Sat night Feb 1, 2020, at 6:00. Long time L.A. kirtan group The Temple Bhajan Band will join with some of our local musicians for a night of spiritual merriment! Small donations accepted. It’s at our yoga place–3870 Lemon St. Downtown Riverside. 951-522-6266.

Around all Solstices and Equinoxes, we do 108 Sun Salutes. It will take around 75 minutes. Then we will chant the Gayatri mantra for half an hour, eat, talk, and meditate.

Please continue to check the website Slider show for Special Event announcements. We will post them there in a timely manner.

And most of Special Events at WYC are musical. There are three yoga music bands connected to WYC.  Collectively, they are known as The Third Eye Band.  Yoga Das is the senior musical group.  It’s made up of world-class musicians, and led by Grammy-nominated vocalist Lisa Kekaula. IMG_9555 The incredible tablas player, Miles Shrewsbery, is also a long-time member.  Sura Das deserves the credit for having brought yoga music to the Inland Empire.  Without him, there would be no Third Eye Band, and we are honored whenever the members of his Temple Bhajan Band are part of our musical WYC family.

Kirtan Music

Yoga Das, the Western Yoga College 108 Peace Kirtan Band, recorded live at Living Yoga in Temecula, California, June 2011:

“I Heard It Through Shiva” (ancient mantras mixed with Motown and Dave Stringer arrangements), featuring Lisa Kekaula – lead vocals, percussions; Miles Shrewsbery – tablas, cajon; Bob Vennum – electric guitar, percussions, bass; Daniel Gomez – bass; Laura Cueva-Miller – harmonium, vocals; Sura Das – harmonium, vocals; Lokah – mrdunga, vocals; Scott Miller – kartals, vocals; recorded by Maria Bagline; mixed by Bob Vennum.