Saturday Morning Meditation and Stretch (Yin Yoga)

Saturday mornings at WYC are devoted to everything most yoga studios mostly avoid or even completely neglect. If you have never meditated before, you can come in at 7:00 and get basic instruction. Then stay for the actual sit at 7:30. If you already have a meditation practice feel free to come in for that. Arrive before 7:30 because the 30 minute sit starts on time. There is a Q&A after the meditation. We call it a “dharma talk” because we focus on gaining knowledge about spiritual practice.

At 8:30, there’s Yin Yoga. This session is relaxing, but not necessarily easy because the poses are held for a long time. Even for most beginners the poses are easily adopted, but holding a stretch without any muscle engagement for up to five minutes can be emotionally as well as physically challenging. That’s why Yin Yoga master Paul Grilley says, “Feelings of vulnerability and fragility are a sign of correct yin style practice.” Of course, most of the yoga done around the world is yang yoga. It’s muscle oriented. Yin Yoga (or what is more commonly known as Slow Deep Stretch) is ligament oriented. But the real yoga of Slow Deep Stretch comes from energy experiencing. We experience energy in context of the way our life force feels. People who don’t experience their life force pleasurably on a regular basis become numb. Sadly, it’s a common state in our society. If you want to feel how pleasurable it is just to experience your life force, come a practice Yin Yoga. Yes, in the beginning it will be difficult to feel the effects of how you’ve been living. But things change. With Yin Yoga we don’t focus on what we have to gain from doing yoga, but the truth is that stretching works miracles. We become sensitive to our life force again, and suddenly it makes sense to be able to describe the different ways that energy moves through us. In connection with our Meditation classes, this becomes a positive loop. We meditate and learn why we need to stretch. We stretch and learn how to experience what real meditation is about. We meditate for real. We do Yin Yoga. We meditate some more. We become enlightened. Kidding. Sort of. But we do allow ourselves to really appreciate the blessing of life because we can feel our actual life force. We’re not making ourselves a problem any more. We’re not continuing the idea that we need fixing (that otherwise continues to our dying breath, never having let us experience life as it is because we spent life trying to fix ourselves, and yet really just making ourselves a problem).  So let’s not make ourselves a problem starting now. It’s unnecessary since, right now, we can naturally and effortlessly link up with a sense of original goodness. In short, then, Yin Yoga is about allowance. It allows us to meditate. You can allow yourself to come in and practice Yin Yoga every Saturday at 8:30am with or without first coming to Meditation.  The class ends at 10:00.