Daily Open Sessions

All of WYC’s current daily sessions are held in the morning at 3870 Lemon St. in downtown Riverside.  They are open sessions, requiring no pre-registration.  So attendance is completely open and new students can just “drop-in.”  It’s also your choice when you start paying, and whenever you do, your first payment (no matter what the amount) enrolls you for at least a month.  It’s your tuition. There are no individual class payments at WYC, and WHAT YOU PAY is up to you.

WYC’s main “drop-in” session is on Sunday morning at 9:00.  It lasts until 10:30. Adventurous, confident beginners are welcome. Beginners are also welcome to the related open sessions on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, and to all the different kinds of sessions on Saturday mornings.  There is no pre-registration necessary to attend WYC’s daily open sessions.  We do, however, ask that only beginners intent on developing a deep, regular yoga practice start yoga at WYC.

Is WYC a Yoga Studio?

WYC is not a yoga studio.  WYC’s daily sessions are open to everyone, but they are not like regular yoga studio classes.  The regular nighttime individual yoga classes at the Lemon St. location are separately conducted through Anam Cara Yoga Studio. The Anam Cara classes are not included in the WYC enrollment.  All of WYC’s sessions happen in the morning, so instead of being a night school, it’s a morning school with a COMPLETE MORNING SCHEDULE.

NauliLauraAnd part of what makes WYC’s sessions so powerful is that they are attended by so many teachers.  That elevates the collective consciousness.  WYC is a teaching school mainly because it is attended by lots of teachers who participate in teaching the sessions as they practice.  The teachers attending WYC’s regular sessions also help train the WYC’s Teacher Training Programs students.  We’re all part of that process, and Teacher Training Program trainees attend the daily open sessions as part of their enrollment at no extra cost.  That helps elevate the consciousness of the sessions as well.  But it’s also important that people new to yoga attend WYC’s sessions. It gives the teachers-in-training insight into the beginner reality.

I’m New to Yoga, Can I Attend WYC Classes?

All of the WYC sessions are open to everyone at all times. It works for everyone to experience a teacher-level of yogic engagement, and that’s true even though many of the people who practice yoga at WYC are not trying to become yoga instructors per se.  It doesn’t matter because yoga happens as a teaching. It happens in an enriching way that creates a sense of shared experience. That’s the “teacher-level.” It’s the stratum on which something can be shared lovingly.

All of those points also help to explain how WYC’s “Ashtanga” sessions are different from regular Ashtanga classes.  The approach is very different.  One of the similarities is that WYC’s open sessions emphasize not just yogic breathing, but energy experiencing in general (pranayama).  So Ashtanga is pranayama.  Ashtanga is the style of yoga that emphasizes yogic-breathing the most, and Ashtanga’s potential to help students with pranayama as a complete energy experiencing is fulfilled in WYC’s Ashtanga-based open sessions. Everyone attending WYC’s open sessions is taught a very specific yogic breathing technique that fosters an awareness of what it means to experience energy yogically.  There is no other way to understand what today’s yoga is.  We all do the same form of yoga and today’s yoga is the yoga of energy.  All of WYC’s sessions are energy-oriented, and because the only way to teach hatha yoga is to be aware of what energy experiencing is, the orientation allows for a real teacher-level hathayogic engagement.

But it’s also easy.  Today’s yoga is here to make yoga easy.  The point of its existence is easiness.  What’s easy about the way Ashtanga is done on Sundays is that everyone does the practice together, starting at the same time, going at the same pace, receiving the same overall instructions more like regular yoga studio classes.  So don’t let our relatively complex explanations of all this give you the wrong idea.  Relatively regular yoga does happen at WYC.  It’s just that the yoga done at WYC is more obviously “energy yoga” and, in the long run, that makes it easier and even more fun.

During the week, (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings), you can do our version of “Mysore style” Ashtanga Yoga. “Mysore style” means each student is given individual instruction. So you can arrive any time between 6 and 8am, start your practice when you’re ready, and finish by 9:00 at the latest. It’s “our version” of Mysore Ashtanga because it’s taught collectively and we engage in humorous dharma talks. You can read WYC ASHTANGA for further clarification on how the weekday classes are conducted.

The other open WYC sessions happen one after the other on Saturday morning between 7:30am to 10:30am. From 7:30am to 8:30, there is a meditation and pranayama session. It’s important to be on time for this session due to the 20 minute meditation sit at 7:35. From 8:30 to 10:00 there is instruction of Yin Yoga, which includes a slow, deep, stretch-oriented style of practice and a Chinese movement style of practice. From 10 to 10:30, we instruct yogic chanting (reciting of prayers) and kirtan (singing). You can come to all of the Saturday morning sessions, or some of the sessions, or just one of the sessions. It’s up to you.  For tons of information on how we practice click on the big links below…