Daily Open Sessions

FREE WYC online classes will be happening for the foreseeable future. . We are doing yoga and sharing yoga together in our actual present reality, not in some clinging-to-the-past, commerce oriented kind of way. Our present reality is teaching us things we have resisted learning and knowing for a long time. The so-called yoga world has been elitist and commerce addicted. It was powerful enough to make people who came to WYC feel guilty about not being able to pay. Now we have no rent. Now everyone who needs free yoga can get it with no guilt. Of course if you can afford it and you want to, you can donate. As a student, you can pretty much do anything you want now because online makes things all the more flexible. You can engage on different levels in class without judgment. You can be muted during class and play your own music. It’s all individual and also not individual now. What was impossible is now possible. Yes, there are also some things we loved that are not possible now, but oh, well. New impossible things are becoming possible. Let’s roll with it until we can’t. At WYC we’ve never gone in for bullshit affirmation happy yoga talk. This is Kali Yuga–a long predicted time of struggle and strife. It’s happening. The yoga world people continuing their happy talk and clinging to the belief that yoga careerism made sense are just making things worse. In our opinion, we needed to do things completely different anyway. We wouldn’t have chosen online classes as the option but that’s what is happening. We can accept that or not. We can roll with a new reality or cling desperately to the old conditioned ideas.  If you want to roll with us, roll with us.

COMPLETE SCHEDULE. WYC’s regular daily classes do require a Zoom invite each class. It’s a little bit of a hassle, dealing with emails but compare that to driving to class. You’ll get the hang of it. We just put you on our invite list and you receive invites the day before each class. Then, at the time class starts or a few minutes early, you just go to the link, click it, get “admitted” on our end, and voila, you are in class. No drive, no nothing. Once you are on our lists you can just “drop-in”  for free.

Our relaxed “Yin Yoga” class is on Monday nights. It’s easy, stretch oriented, but different in that the teachers who attend ask Scott hard yoga questions. Then he makes fun of the questions. Kidding. Check it out for yourself. And on weekend mornings, WYC’s two main regular classes are Saturday morning at 8:30 and Sunday morning at 9:00. The Saturday one is called Free Yoga and is an experimental practice these days. It’s a short class (ending at 9:30) but contains high powered energetic experiencing that is not so much physically challenging as emotionally powerful. Adventurous, confident beginners are welcome to both classes, but they are not easy in different ways. The Sunday class is longer and hard in a typical yoga asana session kind of way. Saturday is hard in a way that is difficult to describe. So we do ask that only beginners with an interest in profound yogic development start with us.

NauliLauraWe are a teaching school mainly. There are lots of teachers in our regular classes but don’t be intimidated.  The teachers attending WYC’s regular sessions also help train the WYC’s Teacher Training Programs students.  We’re all part of that process, and Teacher Training Program trainees attend the daily open sessions as part of their enrollment for free as well.  That helps elevate the consciousness of the sessions.  The only down side is that students may be less committed. That’s why we ask everyone who comes into our community be sincerely interested in profound yoga practice. But it’s also important that people new to yoga attend WYC’s sessions. It gives the teachers-in-training insight into the beginner reality.

I’m New to Yoga, Can I Attend WYC Classes?

Except for teacher training, all of the WYC sessions are open to everyone at all times. It works for everyone to experience a teacher-level of yogic engagement, and that’s true even though many of the people who practice yoga at WYC are not trying to become yoga instructors per se.  It doesn’t matter because yoga happens as a teaching. It happens in an enriching way that creates a sense of shared experience. That’s the “teacher-level.” It’s the stratum on which something can be shared lovingly.

Basically, we do Free Yoga asana and meditation practice on Saturday, our own style of Ashtanga on Sunday, our own style of Yin Yoga on Monday night, and our style of Mysore style Ashtanga on Wednesday morning. So don’t let our relatively complex explanations of all this give you the wrong idea.  Relatively regular yoga does happen at WYC.  It’s just that the yoga done at WYC is more obviously “energy yoga,” and that makes sense because the name “hatha yoga”–the form of yoga everyone does these days–loosely translates into English as “energy yoga.”

That’s just another reason we emphasize morning practice. We are energetically fresh in the morning. It’s literally a new day, and learning the style of practice we do Sunday morning (Ashtanga) will give you the ability to practice on your own during the week. It’s the best home practice style of yoga there is. Once you know the Sunday basics, you can join us for  “Mysore style” on Wednesday mornings. Mysore style means each student is given individual instruction. So you can arrive any time between 7:30 and 9am, start your practice when you’re ready, and finish whenever. It’s “our version” of Mysore Ashtanga because it’s taught collectively and we engage in humorous dharma talks. You can read WYC ASHTANGA for further clarification on how the weekday classes are conducted.

You can also read more about our Saturday sessions. That’s all covered on separate pages that you can click on to from the home page sliders. To simplify, if you are new, and even a bit confused by how different WYC is, contact us through email or phone and come to the easiest class we do, Monday nights at 7:30.  Or dot the same thing for Sat morning at 8:30 and can check out a whole new style we are exploring.