Now Available On-Line – Yoga Das T-Shirts

Yoga Das T-Shirts, featuring Scott’s original artwork, can now be purchased on-line.  Initial testing indicates that wearing a Yoga Das T-Shirt may improve average short-term yogic spiritual return by up to 14.7% – which’d truly be a bargain for only $20 plus shipping!

We’ll be featuring a free-standing “store” page, and further filling out the inventory over the next couple of weeks, and you’ll already find a good range of styles, colors, and sizes.

Here’s the selection:

The chart below converts Sizes into measurements in inches “from armpit to armpit”:

Women’s Men’s Tank Kid’s
XS 10
S 14 18 17 11
M 16 20 19 12
L 18 22 21 13
XL 19 24 22

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