Love, Letting Go, and Savasana 2

Bede Griffiths was Andrew Harvey‘s teacher. In the above video, Father Bede explains how he awoke to a continuous experience of Love. I connect his teaching here to our practice of Savasana (Corpse Pose). With a deep enough Savasana, we let go of everything, including “Yoga.” It’s a mystic level of understanding to connect Jesus’ “Why have you forsaken me?” moment to him letting go of God.  Jesus is not really forsaken by God, and God is not being forsaken by Jesus.  What’s happening is the creation of mystic awareness through Vairagya (detachment).  Its power depends on Love.  There would be nothing to Jesus’ realization without a tremendous love of God.  Likewise, at the end of each yoga practice, if we have a tremendous love of Yoga, we can practice experiencing something similar.  Just as Jesus’ attachment to “God” is released and then experienced as a completely expansive, eternal realization of Love, our release of Yoga during Savasana transmogrifies all of our attachments into a compassion-filled energy.

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2 thoughts on “Love, Letting Go, and Savasana

  • Angela

    Very lovely. I have found great value in yoga for exactly this reason. It was when I realized, after practicing yoga for some time, that I was able to really surrender what ever the mind was troubling me about and really come to a place of allowing myself to surrender to that ever present love while in savasana. One may find themselves sort of going through the postures of life finding our challenging poses and relaxing our way through them and finding surrender in the face of life’s challenges. Yoga to me seems to be but a reflection of the act of life it’s self. Mirroring to me where I’m at and how I’m handling things or how much I am surrendering to Love. Thanks for the post. Very beautiful!

  • Scott Miller

    You’re welcome, Angela. Glad you dug it. Lots of folks have felt that same connection and I appreciate you putting it in writing. As I mentioned on the other post, I hope you will share your writing and poems here on the blog.