Kirtan Experience…

Mel’s handwritten text:

Mel’s complete text:

“I just wanted to share about my experience last night at the Kirtan with Yoga Das in Palm Springs. I knew I was in for a treat because of the collective spirit involved, of course it would be beautiful no matter what. I do have to share that for me personally music speaks to me in ways that, even make it difficult to articulate. Each time its a different experience but the music always touches my heart in some way. There have been times when I felt like an empty shell and it’s hard to admit that maybe some times I just resist the LOVE. I find that sad and comical because all I want is the LOVE. Oh, boy–gotta love the ego sometimes. Anyways, as soon as I heard Lisa K’s voice this is what came to my heart as tears rolled down my cheek: I never felt Soul pierce my heart so fast in my life. The song she sang–I can’t remember any words–but it was just right there–just the overwhelming feeling of LOVEBEAUTY>UGLINESS>HAPPINESS>SORROW, and life.”

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