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I invite people to express themselves here on all creative levels.  It’s fine to just write whatever yoga related statements you like, but the visual potential is especially interesting to me.  You can post yoga videos and images you’ve made.  Anything you like.  For those of you who have been through WYC teacher training, maybe you’ve been doing some new yantras?  I’ve been working on some cover art for Yoga Das’ CD.  It’s not the kind of thing you’d see on a Krishna Das CD, especially since the Om sign in the right eye of the monster can’t be easily recognized, but that’s kind of the point, and I like it and the band likes it.  I would be happy to discuss this image here on the blog…


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12 thoughts on “Inaugural Post about Posting Posts

  • Kendall

    Just a quick comment before I’m off to the usual paper grading… : )
    This morning’s maiden practice at our new studio was soooo auspicious!! *Almost* everyone joined us and the new space is more than welcoming. I’m so looking forward to the ways we’ll saturate our new digs with characteristic love. The chemistry is just right. Which reminds me: my favorite part of practice came later at Goodwyn’s, when, true to yogic form, Kim said she’d always thought I was a chemistry, not an English, professor. I love being mistaken for someone I’m not. (Beth, you’ll never guess what you were mistaken for…) So let’s let the duality of reality play with us this year. What (and who) are/aren’t we? What are/aren’t the possibilities? Bring it on, year of the dragon!


    • Kim

      Whoa! Can’t believe I made it into the Comments of the Inaugural Post about Posting Posts! Yes, here is to the Year of the Dragon (my year) though I am not sure about being mistaken for someone I am not. I don’t think that I like that, probably because I believe that either I or the mistak-er must have a judgment about whatever it is that they think I am….We missed you at SDS tonight, Kendall, but Scott used the opportunity to get a lot of shoulder stretches in, which some of us really need.
      Namaste from Kim at the end of February.

  • Kendall

    Oh, and another thing: I love your image for Yoga Das’s CD cover, Scott! Especially love the crossings out and how they dovetail nicely with the whole is/isn’t thing.

  • CK MacLeod Post author

    Hey y’all – please be patient with some stuff… as we’re still on a shakedown cruise! Let me know if you’d like to have your own avatar rather than the one generated by the site or a future default image – doesn’t have to be a beautiful photo-image like mine, can be a design, or a pet, or a pet rock, or a pet rock design. You can also go and follow the easy instructions to upload an avatar that will work here and at many other blogs.

    (still working on your image, Scott… the one showing at time of writing is something I had to kludge together…

  • Rachel

    I love the image — a little Basquiat flavor, huh? — and the idea of a cooperative yoga blog! I’m excited to connect with everyone here, and more importantly, to (re)connect in and out of the studio.

    And speaking of life on the mat, I’m teaching my very first class for my Planned Parenthood co-workers tomorrow evening, so please send some love our way!

  • Scott Miller

    Hey Rachel, thanks. Indeed, I’ve been playing with the whole Basquiat thing a lot lately. It interests me how he started out trying to counter the whole art world power front and tried to hold on to his spirituality even as that world seemingly ate his soul. With real spirituality–with real yoga–I believe that any resurrection is possible, so in a sense I’m resurrecting the intent that Basquiat failed to realize fully, but felt deep in his heart. In my painter-day, which was the 80’s, it was hip to not get too caught up in innovation. We were the first “samplers.” I guess I’m still sampling. May Jean Michel rest in peace except for when he’s being resurrected spiritually.
    Oh, and all blessings to you for bringing yoga to Plan Parenthood! That’s so not “Samo”–Basquiat’s tag for “Same-old shit.” Definitely uncharted territory there. Again, blessings.