Inadequate Excuses 1

Cute, very well-designed and -executed if not exactly knock-your-naked-toe-socks-off hilarious handout/mini-poster from “lululemon athletica,” a yoga outfitters company based in Vancouver that I know almost nothing about except that they have an also very well-designed and -executed web-site, a lot of ideas about what they’re trying to do, and a handsome product line.

I’d call the excuses “good,” rather than “great”:  The truly great excuses probably wouldn’t be solved on a light-hearted print – though maybe I feel that way because for me, a stay-at-home yoga novice, neither the excuses nor the solutions are terribly relevant.  “Not to go to yoga” for me means “not to go to the living room.”  My occasional excuses have to plumb other shallows…

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