Our next program weekend is 1/6-7. These are the 7 weekends left: 1/6-7, 2/3-4. 2/24-25, 3/10-11, 4/7-4/8, 4/21-22, 5/6-7. Until the 6th, you should be practicing your teaching of the basic standing poses we worked on last session. If need be, use friends and family as guinea pigs. You can also begin thinking about karma yoga: the yoga of service and being present. It’s the last other form we will practice practicing so we can compare and contrast them all to hatha yoga. At the same time we will be immersed in asana from here on. Get ready for Backbends and Inversions after the New Year!

For more information on what to expect from teach training, please contact usĀ and feel free to join us for Open Sessions.