You can read all about our renown 8 month, 10 weekend Teacher Training Program beginning Oct. 5th, 2019 here: http://westernyogacollege.com/teacher-training.

And this fall, WYC may be expanding it’s usual program schedule to include more specialized training. Stay tuned for more information on that. But do call us at 951-522-6266 to discuss sign-ups and get updates. It’s possible we may have some training happening midweek at night and, or during the day.

For sure, our regular fall weekend training will happen as always. Regarding that, again, the first thing to do is call or email Scott at 951-522-6266.

You’ll want to know these things ahead of time:

The schedule will be Oct/5-6, Nov/2-3, Dec/7-8, Jan/4-5, Feb/1-2, Feb/22-23, Mar/7-18, Mar/28-29, April/25-26, May/16-17

You can come into any class at WYC for free if you are considering enrolling in teacher training. Just let the teacher know.

Of course, when you call, we will explain all the benefits of enrolling at WYC, but one that could serve you now, before the program starts in Oct, is that once you are even registered for teacher training, you can attend WYC’s regular classes at no charge. And any  payment you do make goes to both your future course fees and all the regular classes you want to attend. So there is no extra charge for taking classes even before the program starts. That’s how serious we are about helping people become teachers.

And in the meantime, you can check out some things we like as a way of connecting…

For more information on what to expect from teach training, please contact us and feel free to join us for Open Sessions.