You can read all about our renown Teacher Training Program here: http://westernyogacollege.com/teacher-training.

This is the section reserved for up to date information on the program in progress. We don’t have programs during the summer, so there’s nothing to report right now. But if you are joining our next one, beginning Oct. 6th, you can get a head start by coming into our regular, daily classes now. If you sign-up for the next program, any payment you make goes to both your future course fees and all the regular classes you want to attend. So there is no extra charge for taking classes even before the program starts. That’s how serious we are about helping people become teachers.  The tentative 10 dates for the next program are Oct/6-7, Nov/3-4, Dec/1-2, Jan/5-6, Feb/2-3, Feb/23-24, Mar/9-10, Mar/30-31, April/13-14, May/4-5. In the meantime, watch these related videos…

For more information on what to expect from teach training, please contact us and feel free to join us for Open Sessions.