Scott has begun a still open online program. It may switch to a hybrid version of the WYC 8 month course with part of the curriculum happening in person, but for now, it is online. You can join anytime and it’s free for those in financial need. Call Scott directly at 951-522-6266. If present conditions are the end of the so-called yoga world and only people who love yoga in a spiritually honoring way will still be practicing and teaching it, that will be at least one good thing that comes out of it.

You can read old information on the way would have conducted our in person 8 month, 10 weekend Teacher Training Program that would have begun Oct. 2020 here: http://westernyogacollege.com/teacher-training.)

Call us at 951-522-6266 to discuss sign-ups and get updates.

Online, you can watch the WYC Video #1 and Video #2 for a head start.

In the meantime, you can also check out some things we like as a way of connecting…

For more information on what to expect from teach training, please contact us and feel free to join us for Open Sessions.