What an amazing group of graduates we have this year!  Truly special. As all the first time graduates know now, one of the things that makes WYC’s teacher training programs so powerful is the number of repeaters we get. Their presence as guides makes all the difference in the world. We have “mentors” who have taken the program as many as five times!  Why? Because it’s fucking awesome.  So first time graduates let Scott know if you plan on repeating the program, beginning 10/6. The tentative 10 dates for the next program are Oct/6-7, Nov/3-4, Dec/1-2, Jan/5-6, Feb/2-3, Feb/23-24, Mar/9-10, Mar/30-31, April/13-14, May/4-5.

For more information on what to expect from teach training, please contact us and feel free to join us for Open Sessions.