The Ashtantric Blog

This space may evolve into an Ashtanga posting site. If it does, I will be writing posts that recognize Ashtanga as a tantric practice with way more power than any of us bargained for. There are still people disrespecting it, but one by one, everyone holding its tail without enough […]

Yoga is… 6

I have written a poem. Be afraid…very afraid. 🙂 Yoga is… The trickle of air, no matter how faint, that weaves its way through the nares and caresses every fold and crevice as it flows through the throat and branches through the increasingly small bronchioles of the lungs. It is […]

Baby Bubbles 2

Yoga Das’ great tabla player Miles Shrewsbery and his wife had a baby girl today! And here’s a great photo of Diana’s babybend… We also forgot to sing happy b-day to Alex on Friday. Happy birthday, Alex!

Easter Yoga 3

I guess it’s true. Ashtanga is dangerous–especially on Easter Sunday. Here’s what happened to Hector this morning after class. Clearly, we got too high…

Arlene's Yantras 3

Both of the present WYC Teacher Training groups are heading toward their “yantra day(s),” so it’s timely to post a whole set of beautiful yantras painted by Arlene Eve Johnson. Arlene’s a yoga practicing LA artist, and she and I go way back. Thanks for sharing your inspiring work, Arlene.

Beyond the Friend Scandal 7

Lots of people have asked me what I think of all the recent yoga-world scandals. I did write something about it, but I held off posting it here on the WYC blog because there was a chance that LA Yoga was going to publish the piece. That still might happen, […]

Truth or Consequential Contentment 4

Doing yoga well allows opposites to be dynamically expressed. We inhale and exhale effectively. We have our loving, inhale-oriented, willing, pranic looseness and it doesn’t lead us into self-defeating martyrdom because we also have our forceful, exhale-oriented, willful, apanic strength. Our right brain is allowed to experience a big field […]