Arlene's Yantras 3

Both of the present WYC Teacher Training groups are heading toward their “yantra day(s),” so it’s timely to post a whole set of beautiful yantras painted by Arlene Eve Johnson. Arlene’s a yoga practicing LA artist, and she and I go way back. Thanks for sharing your inspiring work, Arlene.

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3 thoughts on “Arlene's Yantras

  • arlene johnson

    Thank you Scott!

    For everyone on your way to “yantra day(s),” you’re in for a real treat. Something very unusual (in a good way) happens when you focus on these timeless forms and shapes.

    Wish I could be there to paint one with you!

    All the best, Arlene.

  • Linda Goldman

    These Yantras are gorgeous! In Vedic Astrology they are used to honor and appease the energies of the planets. Using these yantras as spiritual tools can enhance and create greater flow in your life. I recommend contacting Arlene for possible
    prints of these beautiful planetary symbols and make them part of your daily practice.