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Yoga is… 6

I have written a poem. Be afraid…very afraid. 🙂 Yoga is… The trickle of air, no matter how faint, that weaves its way through the nares and caresses every fold and crevice as it flows through the throat and branches through the increasingly small bronchioles of the lungs. It is […]

Yoga Das Kirtan in Redlands, Saturday, May 19th 2

Yoga Das featuring Lisa Kekaula, Bob Vennum, Miles Shrewsbery, Sura Das, David Taub, Laura Cueva-Miller, and Scott Miller will be playing at Lo-Fi Recording Studio – 522 Amigos Dr, Redlands, CA 92373 – on Saturday, May 19th, at 7:00 PM. It’ll be a regular kirtan, with the usual wild singing […]