Monthly Archives: February 2012

Inner Prisms 1

This is a video of one of the Inner Prisms songs that Yoga Das will be doing again soon, only kirtan style. Check it out… Gerald is doing the lead singing on it and he’ll be joining us up in Idyllwild this summer for our Teacher Training retreat!

Kirtan Experience…

Mel’s handwritten text: Mel’s complete text: “I just wanted to share about my experience last night at the Kirtan with Yoga Das in Palm Springs. I knew I was in for a treat because of the collective spirit involved, of course it would be beautiful no matter what. I do […]

Beautiful Losers 8

In the early 80’s, I didn’t just think that art was for rich people, I knew it was for rich people. My father was a museum director and even though we lived here in Riverside, the idea was supported by what I saw on a daily basis. So if I […]

The Beginning 3

So, how is the beginning supposed to go? I don’t know. I realize that I never know how to begin, but something inside me makes me lob something out there because you can’t finish something that you haven’t begun. These beginnings are awkward, at best, but I’ve decided, as I […]

Truth or Consequential Contentment 4

Doing yoga well allows opposites to be dynamically expressed. We inhale and exhale effectively. We have our loving, inhale-oriented, willing, pranic looseness and it doesn’t lead us into self-defeating martyrdom because we also have our forceful, exhale-oriented, willful, apanic strength. Our right brain is allowed to experience a big field […]

Graduate Yantras 5

Melissa (Mel) Medley and Amy Wareham have sent me some beautiful yantras they’ve done since completing the WYC Teacher Training program, and I hope posting them will motivate more of you to send in your post-graduate artwork to share here on our blog. This chakra-inspired one is Mel’s: And here’s […]